RS2500 1/5 Insane Torque Servo

RS2500 1/5 Insane Torque Servo

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Nsdrc RS2500 1/5 Scale Insane Torque Servo

If you're looking for the most powerful 1/5th scale servo out there, you've found it! This absolute beast is a game changer, The strongest 1/5 servo on the market, and more affordable than anything in its class! As usual we spent much time and effort to create a custom servo that is specific to our design and specifications.  The power, speed, quality, and durability of our RS2500 is unmatched!

•All Aluminum CNC Casing
•IP67 Water Resistant

•7 Point O-ring seal 

Not Submarine proof
•Hardened Stainless Steel Gears
•Digital High Torque
•High Quality Brushless Motor
•Dual Ball Bearings
•15T Spline
•Weight 248g
•Wire Lengths 300mm

Direct Power 2s-4s
Operating Voltage: 8.4v - 16.8v
Torque: 1600 oz/ 115kg @ 8.4v
Torque: 2100oz/ 151kg @ 12.6v
Torque: 2700 oz/ 195 @ 16.8v  
Speed: 0.21 sec @ 8.4v
Speed: 0.16 sec @ 12.6v
Speed: 0.11 sec @ 16.8v

☆The power connection plug, or power switch on your esc, MUST be disconnected/ turned off when not in use to prevent damage to the servo and/or battery! 

Do not power via balance plug.

Warranty: Lifetime warranty on gears for original owner.  1 year warranty from all mechanical and electrical defects. We assume no liability of damage caused from excessive abuse, mistreatment, water damage, or use of voltage higher than recommended.  Nothing is unbreakable! For all warranty issue's you will need to send the servo back to us to be inspected.